Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

By Staff Reporter

Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) has introduced a new scheme aimed at reducing electricity bills for consumers and allowing them to bank surplus energy by installing solar power plants in their homes. Under this initiative, JAKEDA plans to cover 10,000 households in Jammu and Kashmir with a 20-megawatt ‘Roof Top Solar Power Plant’ project. The power plants, with capacities ranging from three to ten kilowatts, will significantly curtail the electricity bills of consumers, according to JAKEDA Chief Executive Officer Prithvi Raj Dhar.

To facilitate the transfer of energy to the grid, smart meters with bidirectional functionality will be installed alongside the solar panels at consumers’ premises. The units generated by the solar plant will be deducted from the units consumed by the consumer, effectively reducing their overall energy costs. Dhar highlighted that the installation cost of the plant will be recovered within three years, providing free energy to consumers for the rest of their lives. This approach not only offers financial benefits but also promotes clean energy usage, as one kilowatt of solar power plant installation is equivalent to planting 66 trees annually, resulting in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

JAKEDA Assistant Executive Engineer Khalid Raja explained that if consumers generate more energy than they consume, the surplus energy will be banked in their account for future use. The government is providing subsidies for setting up these power plants, covering up to 65% of the project cost, while consumers are only responsible for the remaining 35%.

The newly launched scheme has garnered positive feedback from visitors, such as Afshan Reshi, who expressed enthusiasm for the benefits it offers, including reduced electricity bills and current subsidies. Reshi believes this program will encourage wider adoption of solar energy in the region.

To showcase various solar technologies and products, JAKEDA organized a solar power expo, inviting several companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing solar technologies. This event provides visitors with a wide range of options to choose from when considering solar solutions.

In conclusion, JAKEDA’s new solar power scheme in Jammu and Kashmir presents an opportunity for consumers to lower their electricity bills, generate clean energy, and contribute to carbon emissions reduction. With government subsidies and long-term financial benefits, this initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of solar power in the region, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.