Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau

The project is estimated to be Rs. 14.26 lakh and is expected to be commenced within few week

   District hospital at Koraput is facing electricity crises since little time and is not able to meet up with the requirements. Hence, as a solution to this Koraput district administration has planned to install rooftop solar photovoltaic cells to generate power through solar energy and meet up the requirements of the hospital. Though it wouldn’t satisfy all the requirements, but still it will share the load of the grid for providing the electricity.

“Initially, all works at the maternity ward will be carried out using solar power. Water heating and lighting at the ward will be done with the help of solar power and there will be zero dependence on grid for power to this ward,” said Sachin Jadhav collector of Koraput. As currently the system is not that well equipped to facilitate the whole hospital with electricity, at this initial stage they are commencing with only one ward.

The administration has handed over the project of installing solar photovoltaic cell to a private agency. Further administration has declared that, the project is estimated to be Rs. 14.26 lakh and is expected to be commenced within few weeks. District Innovation Fund is financing the project.

Further collector added that, “the solar power system is being installed on an experimental basis and if it works, then more wards of the hospital could be covered under the project.” Officials said the main cause of opting for solar energy is, it is eco-friendly, and cost efficient and it does not consume any fuel as compared to hydropower. Also it requires less maintenance and it will provide economic gain in the long-run.

Initially Orrisa Renewable Energy Department Agency (OREA) had also submitted a proposal to the Health department of installing solar photovoltaic power plants to generate power for hospitals to carry out the operations of the hospital with out any interruption in power supply. This proposal was submitted in September 2012.

According to some sources, hospitals in rural area are in more need of power, as there is no power supply, they should utilize solar energy. “Power supply is erratic in rural areas and most hospitals in remote places are without electricity. Without proper healthcare facilities, rural masses are left to fend for themselves and most often they go to quacks for healthcare needs. So, on a priority basis, some of the hospitals situated in remote areas should be covered under solar power system for the benefit of the patients,” said Bhabani Mishra, a Koraput-based activist.

Solar energy is becoming blessing for the people who are deprived of electricity and solar photovoltaic cell is the most popular method of generating power through solar energy. More hospitals should opt for such projects to ensure uninterrupted power supply in operations of hospitals and as the amount of power consumed in hospitals is on large scale it will be very beneficial in terms of economy and this can save a lot of power generated through hydropower system.

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