Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

By Fiona Mehta


Professor Bilal Ahmad’s 13 years of arduous labour are now beginning to pay dividends. 2009 saw Bilal begin production of the first Solar Car in the Kashmir Valley. The car’s prototype is complete, and the top automakers in India have contacted Bilal.


Bilal’s background: Bilal Ahmad, a math teacher by profession, has always aspired to create a vehicle that is not only accessible to the wealthy but also to those in lower socioeconomic brackets. For more than ten years, Bilal has set aside two hours each day to work on this solar automobile, paying for it out of his own cash.

According to Bilal, this is the ideal time to introduce a solar vehicle to the Indian market. He spent approximately 15 lakh Indian rupees to build this solar vehicle. If everything goes according to plan, he claims the car may be produced for roughly one million rupees. As a result of the solar car’s successful trial run on the roads of Srinagar, he has received approaches from other Indian automakers to continue working on his invention.


Bilal’s solar car: Every element of Bilal’s solar car is covered in solar panels, making it one of a kind. These panels cover every conceivable area of the car, from the bonnet to the rear windshield, ensuring that the maximum amount of energy is produced to keep the engine running smoothly.

The photovoltaic cells in monocrystalline solar panels, which are entirely comprised of a single silicon crystal, are the choice of Bilal. Compared to standard cells, these ones generate more kilowatt-hours of electricity. The car’s “Gullwings,” which open upward and have solar panels attached to them, are another significant feature.

Bilal’s dream of making India’s Solar car is slowly coming to realisation. He has spent thousands of hours on making this car and now he is further working on the speed and mileage of the car.


Future of Bilal’s solar car: The former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Solar Car with #DeLorean #BackToTheFuture style doors, Omar Abdullah tweeted.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Car Company, also tweeted his support for Bilal and expressed his company’s willingness to research and develop the idea further. “Bilal’s zeal is admirable. I salute him for creating this prototype by himself. It is obvious that the design must change to become a production-friendly version. Perhaps he can collaborate with our team at Mahindra Research Valley to further develop it.