Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Charging Station

By Staff Reporter

Indore, the city with a vision of transforming into a ‘solar city,’ has taken a significant stride towards encouraging electric vehicle (EV) adoption by inaugurating the state’s first public solar-powered EV charging station. Located adjacent to the Atal Indore Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) office, between Geeta Bhawan Square and Shivaji Vatika Square, this milestone represents the city’s commitment to sustainable transportation powered by alternative energy sources.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Pushyamitra Bhargav, the Mayor and Chairman of AICTSL’s Board. Bhargav emphasized that Indore’s ambition to become a solar city has been reinforced by this solar-powered EV charging station. Furthermore, he highlighted the city’s determination to achieve a Net Zero target by 2070 and its eagerness to embrace renewable energy in various sectors, positioning Indore as a pioneer in this movement.

As an answer to the rising demand for EV charging infrastructure, Indore’s EV charging station enables the charging of electric two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and auto-rickshaws. The station is conveniently located near SGSITS and can accommodate up to six vehicles simultaneously. Users can pre-book slots and recharge their vehicles through the station’s pre-paid options.

To access the charging station, users can download the EVY app from Google Play Store or iOS, ensuring compatibility with their EV models. While the charging rate is relatively slower, taking around 3 hours for a full vehicle charge, each unit of electricity consumed costs ₹15/-.

With an initial investment of ₹15 lakh, this solar-based EV charging station is the first of its kind in the state. The Indore Municipal Corporation has provided the space for the facility, which sets the stage for a broader initiative. AICTSL plans to establish 47 more similar solar-powered EV charging stations across various strategic locations in the city. This network will encompass 37 slow chargers and 10 fast chargers, catering to the growing EV community.

In the coming months, two additional stations are expected to be operational near Snehaltaganj Bridge and Gokuldas Hospital. Additionally, Indore’s commitment to EVs is evident in the installation of 15 charging points at prominent areas to support the charging requirements of 40 electric city buses.

This pioneering effort reinforces Indore’s pursuit of sustainable urban development and its aspiration to lead in renewable energy adoption while fostering EV-friendly infrastructure.