Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau

Land resources shrinking and property prices shooting up in the sky the Punjab Government is all set to walk on path of green growth by subsiding high-rise and energy efficient buildings. The govt. has made plans to attract people through constructions of energy-efficient constructions and skyscrapers which it will unveil by its new Real Estate Policy by mid December.

The move is taken under the rapid urbanization and lesser availability of land in urban areas which is why the state is keen to promote high-rise buildings to make optimal utilization of urban spaces and employ modern energy efficient technologies in such constructions.

The new real estate policy which is still to be fine tune will incorporate various measures to promote the use of green materials to create to boost the concept of green growth with low carbon emissions.

One of the government official said,’’ the state wants to encourage these modern technology and energy-efficient housing materials. We are providing incentives to green and solar powered buildings.

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