Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau

In today’s life where our energy resources are exhausting day-by-day and other side our energy
demand is constantly increasing, as population and urbanization is increasing. It is becoming global
demand to opt for renewable energy resources, in our daily life like solar energy. Now it is very easy to
produce solar energy at home, by installing solar products available in markets, like solar panels, solar
water heating system, etc. Solar Panels are most popular and are widely used to generate solar energy. It
can be used for generating heat, electricity and indoor and outdoor lights. The most efficient solution for
energy crises is solar energy, it not only reduces consumption of energy resources, but it is also cost
efficient and eco-friendly.
There are different types of solar energy, which can be used by individuals to generate energy in
their homes. In all there are four types ‘Passive Solar Energy’, ‘Active Solar Energy’, ‘Thermal Solar
Energy’, ‘Photovoltaic Solar Energy’.

 Passive Solar Energy: refers to the harnessing of the sun's energy without the use of
mechanical devices. Using south-facing windows to provide natural lighting and heat for
your home are examples of passive solar energy.
 Active Solar Energy: uses mechanical devices in the collection, storage, and
distribution of solar energy for your home. For example, in active solar energy water
heating systems, pumps are used to circulate water through the system.
 Thermal Solar Energy: is the energy created by converting solar energy into heat.
 Photovoltaic Solar Energy: is the energy created by converting solar energy into
electricity using photovoltaic solar cells.

While opting for using solar energy for your home one should consider all the types of solar energy

How to utilize Solar Energy at Homes:
 the power and reduces the electricity bill.
 You can generate thermal solar energy, by installing solar energy collector; it captures the
radiant energy from the Sun and converts it into heat. This energy keeps heats your home and
reduces your consumption of energy from heater. Installing solar powered outdoor pathway
lights is one of the easiest ways to use solar energy at home.
 Use of passive solar energy is very easy and convenient, if you are building a new home; you
can design the home such as you can use sun rays as passive solar energy, to heat or cool your
 Solar water heating system is very efficient and cost-effective source of solar energy. There are
many types of solar water heating system available in market, which very easy and convenient
to use.
 You could consider adding a solar power system to your house if your location has adequate
solar resources. A shade-free, south-facing location is best.
 With solar power system one you can generate your own electricity at home, by installing solar
panels onto ground- or roof-mounted racks and new products are available that integrate solar
cells with the roof, making them much less visible than older systems.
 The solar power system can be connected to the grid, so that it can partially load
Benefits of Solar Energy:

 It is free of cost: You get solar energy from sun, which is absolutely free of cost, you have just
once bear the cost of installing solar appliance, and afterwards you can generate power without
any cost.
 It is eco-friendly: Solar energy is used for many purposes, but it does not have any impact on
global climate. It does not release harmful gases compare to fossil fuels which release
greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, which are a threat to environment.
 It’s infinitely renewable: Solar energy is renewable source of energy; it does not exhaust like
other non-renewable resources like oil, gas, etc. so you can use it as much as you want.
 It is cost-efficient: Use of solar energy reduces your electricity bills and your cost of heating and
cooling your home.
 It earns you incentives: Tax benefits and incentives are provided by government to the solar
energy users. Government also provides subsidies on solar appliances.
 It provides relief from power cut offs and generators: Solar energy is renewable source of
energy: you don’t have to worry about running it off. You don’t need to use generator as solar
energy is available all the time.
 It increases the value of your home: The re-sale value of houses provided with solar energy
system increases, you can quote good price for your home.
 It requires less maintenance: Solar appliances are very reliable and convenient to use, they
require very less maintenance. They work for long period of time without any cost of repairing.
Government is also putting measures for promoting solar energy. Tax credit and incentives are
provided, such as government is providing 30% subsidies on solar appliances, like solar water heater,
solar heating system, solar panels, solar lighting systems, etc. They are also implementing measures to
promote Akshay Urja shops which sales solar appliances, so that consumers can easily reach the sellers.