Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau

By the end of 12th Five Year Plan contribution is expected to be 16%-17% 


Renewable Energy has much potential to generate ample amount power, including ecological and economical benefits, a report from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources (MNRE) confirms this. Dr. Farooq Abdullah minister of MNRE announced that contribution of renewable energy is 12.5% in total power generation of the country.  Presently the total installed capacity of power generation in the country is about 2, 12,829 MW, which includes 26,920 MW from renewable sources i.e. 12.5% of total power generation. This contribution is from all types of renewable energy solar energy, wind energy, bio energy.    To increase the contribution ministry is implementing more projects. The ministry is establishing additional capacity of about 29,800 MW from renewable energy sources and is been projected during 12th Plan period. The contribution from renewable energy in the total installed capacity of power generation is expected to be increased to 16%-17% by the end of 12th Five Year Plan. This will give a boost to power generation and will increase the number of user of renewable energies.

Ministry is implementing all possible measures to promote renewable energy, by supporting Research and Development on various aspects of renewable energy at universities, institutes and industries across the country. For managing and implementing the Research and Development, testing of solar, wind and bio technologies, the ministry has established specialized centers namely Solar Energy Centre, Centre for Wind Technology and National Institute of Renewable Energy, this centers are purely work on renewable energy. Along with this, to promote renewable energy ministry is providing financial assistance for establishing solar, wind and biogas power plants.

Renewable energy is beneficial in many aspects like its eco-friendly, cheap, easily available in ample amount; it is an alternative energy for electricity, heat, LPG, light, etc. It can be more widely optimized by implementing proper Research and Development for new and improved technologies, systems and devices. Ministry is considering each and every aspects of developing of renewable energy and coming up with new and innovative plans, to gain the objective of meeting up the global demand for energy.

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