Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau.

In urban cities amount of energy consumption is high due to, the increasing population and the urban life style of the people. At one side country is facing crises of renewable energy and at other hand there is constant increase in demand for energy. To meet the increasing demand of energy resources, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a programme on energy recovery from urban and industrial wastages, including waste water. The technology promoted for energy recovery under this programme includes Biomethanation technology, which also treats the waste water for its safe disposal or utilization.

As consumption is high in urban areas and industries wastage is also on high amount, this is a good utilization of wastes for generating energy, it will help in waste management and it is eco-friendly as well, it can be a three way benefit for the urban cities. The ministry aims to gain the objective to avail people sufficient amount of energy. Hence, ministry is promoting utilization of biogas produced through Biomethanation of waste water for power generation under the programme on Energy Recovery from Urban and Industrial wastes.

The government under the programme of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is providing financial assistance for setting up the projects depending upon the type of waste and project configuration, research and development and dissemination of information.

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