Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau
CIL has planed to optimize solar power at offices and residential colonies of different subsidiaries

Coal India Limited (CIL) one of the largest coal producing companies of the world, is also attracted towards the benefits and importance of green and clean energy and is considering the consumption of solar energy at their headquarters in Ranchi. Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI), a subsidiary of CIL has planed to optimize solar power at offices and residential colonies of different subsidiaries of its parental organization.

They will commence the project on pilot project basis. For the implementation of the solar plants company has entered into an agreement with a Gujarat based public sector company to get help in R&D for improved and new technologies on solar energy and for the instruments required for work.

According to companies expectations if efficient methods are implemented they can generate electricity at an amount that can save over 40% of the electricity bill every month. Once the project starts giving expected gains, company will plan to install solar panels on each and every buildings rooftop making it reachable at every home.

When asked to Mr.  A K Debnath Chairman and Managing Director of CMPDI about their plans of opting fo saolr energy he said, “we have understood the needs of solar energy and have concluded that our office and residential structures has good potential to acquire solar power, as we have many high rise buildings which can easily absorb ample amount of sunlight and generate adequate electricity for at least 10 months in a year,” said.

Further he adds, “along with the benefit of providing electricity the solar panels will also help in keeping the building cool, as the panels will cover the roof top and protect building by direct sun rays, this will also reduce the use of air condition and save electricity.”

Sources in the state-run coal miner’s subsidiary said once the project is successfully tested at its headquarters the organization will ask all the subsidiary companies of CIL to follow it and save on electricity bill. If every company starts utilizing solar energy CIL will save large amount of money in electricity bills and also save large amount of conventional electricity and will contribute at a great extent in saving the green environment.

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