Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau
The capacity of Solar Photovoltaic Cell and Modules is increased by 200 MW to 2000 MW

   Government is implementing more and more plans to promote solar energy, as it is very important for everyone to understand the importance and necessity of solar energy, to save the environment. Government has committed to promote domestic manufacturing in solar energy sector, under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, (JNNSM). Domestic manufacturing was launched under (JNNSM) in 2010, till date it has shown good progress in manufacturing capacity of solar photovoltaic cells and modules, the capacity is  increased by 200 MW to 2000 MW. The domestic manufacturing in solar energy requires promotion from government; hence the decision is taken by them.

JNNSM’s main objective is to promote domestic manufacturing in solar energy sector, for gaining objective certain domestic content were made mandatory in various schemes of JNNSM Phase-I. Government also as committed to promote, they came forward and took certain measures like extending the benefits of excise duty, exemption on finished products and concessional custom duty on raw materials and equipments required for manufacturing, to encourage domestic industry, as this will reduces the manufacturing cost and will help to meet their financial problems

JNNSM and government are putting efforts to promote the manufacturing, but however, recently there were reports in media about the problems faced by some manufactures in operating their plants. They are not able to operate their plants in full capacity, as they are not getting adequate orders, because of intense cost competition with suppliers of imported cells/modules. This can increase the cost of solar power; this can affect the demand of solar power and its products.

On this hand there are issues with domestic manufacturing of solar energy, on the other hand, JNNSM has set another objective of reducing the cost of solar energy, in the interest point of view of electricity consumer’s. For achieving this objective, solutions can be, one research work should be implemented and some concessions could be provided as financial support. Considering this, they are supporting the research along with the induction of latest, state-of-art technologies and benefits of concessional custom duty is being provided for imports of the finished solar products/equipment also.

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