Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau.

   Su-Kam Power System Limited, has launched a special power package for home and offices, was announced in their press release on 2nd of March. It’s a unique and complete solution to power cuts and for opting eco-friendly power system, by using solar energy. The system can be operated on both solar energy as well as grid power. The power system harnesses the sunlight into power and can be used very easily in home and offices, as power backup.

Su-Kam informs, that the system is most convenient, potential, cost efficient and the modern and contemporary design is suitable to the home and office ambience. It is an all in one power system for eco-friendly and uninterrupted power supply, as power is generated through solar energy. It is easy to install and use the system, also it is very safe. The intelligently built and designed system uses solar power, to simultaneously charge the battery and also run/share the load. It comes with a shock proof, non corrosive plastic body that allows the user to program the system to automatically switch over to solar power to power the load partially or completely during uninterrupted power supply from the grid.

The LCD display system helps the user to understand the functioning of the system, as well as it displays the amount of many saved, while charging from solar power source and also while sharing the load with grid power source, at a pre-determined tariff.

The Highlighted Features of the System are:

  1. Cost Efficient & Eco-Friendly: Use of renewable energy sunlight consumes less electricity, which reduces the bill as well as saves the power and fuel, as well as it does not imitate harmful  gasses
  2. Increases Battery Life:  Charging the battery through solar energy increases the battery life, by 30% and thus reduces the replacing cost of battery.
  3.  Power generator – Acts as a power generator in case of constant electricity supply from the grid and automatically switch over to solar power to power the load partially or completely.

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