Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau.

Solar power traffic signal system is going to be installed at 22 crossroads

   The impact of solar energy is good on people; solar energy is utilized in every type of field today.    Soalr energy is now going to be utilized to power traffic signal systems also. Allahabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) officials have come up with a new project of installing solar power traffic signal system at 22 crossroads all around the city of Allahabad. A Delhi-based firm is going to assist AMC under the public-private partnership (PPP) model for the implementation of the project.   The project was genuinely commenced in the year 2012, which was later interrupted due to Maha Kumbh, which was recently organized in Allahabad. As part of this project prior to this solar panels, signal lights and other equipments are installed at four major crossings such as Subhash crossing and Rana Pratap crossing. Now as this is the good time to re-start the project AMC is again focusing on the project and wants to start over it as early as possible

“As soon as solar panels and other required equipments are available, the solar power system would be installed at other major crossings of the city too,” said by R Vikram Singh Municipal Commissioner of Allahabad.

Prior to this project solar power traffic signals are been installed at Agra and Bareilly, which were resulted successful. Considering the success of this project at Agra and Bareilly, traffic police authorities of Allahabad, forwarded the proposal to AMC authorities of installing solar power traffic signal system in the city. After studying the proposal AMC gave a no-objection certificate (NOC) to the Delhi based firm to carry out the project and the solar power traffic lights system was started phase-wise.

As reported till date the solar panel rooms required for the installation of the solar photovoltaic panels are already built at major crossings and the lights would begin to work within three months. The Solar traffic lights are equipped with photovoltaic cells. A solar panel located on the top of the pole converts sunlight into electrical power. A solar charger regulates the voltage coming out of the solar panel. The regulated power obtained is used to charge a battery.

Lighting is produced by an array of extra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) much brighter than regular bulbs. LEDs usually last for years and are very energy efficient. LEDs are small in size, but can produce a significant amount of light.

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