Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

By Solar Times Bureau
Online system with single window NOC and it should be applied for multiple projects instead of each an every single project for green developers

Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI), National President Mr. Shekhar Reddy, Chairman-Hyderabad Chapter Indian Green Building Council, is closely associated with Indian Green building Council (IGBC) for the cause of promoting and encouraging green and clean development in India. CREDAI is inked with IGBC for a joint partnership for promoting Green Buildings. In the conference Mr. Reddy, proposed a new system for granting online permission with a single window NOC for green projects developers.

1. Can you explain about the new online system of granting NOC to developers of green townships, you have proposed to government?

Looking at the difficulties faced by developers for gaining permissions I have proposed this system. Gaining NOC from MoEF is a major challenge for developers, as a solution to this, permissions should be granted through online system with single window NOC and it should be applied for multiple projects instead of each an every single project for green developers. This will save the developers money and time, which they spend for gaining the permissions. I will like to argue to government to implement this system.

2. What is CREDAI’s role in green development and how CREDAI is associated with IGBC?

CREDAI has signed a MoU IGBC on 25 November 2011, since then CREDAI is encouraging and promoting IGBC activities in promoting Green Buildings. We understand the importance of green and clean environment and we want India to emerged as a sustainable developed country and as a developers association we support IGBC for establishing a better and healthy environment for the country.

3. As per you what initiatives should government take for providing affordable green housing?

For every successful development government support is necessary, hence government should put initiatives to bring down the cost of green products required in constructions. Government should distinguish between affordable development and non-affordable development and provide subsidies on affordable development. Government’s initiatives will increase the demand of people for green buildings. Even developers can support government by assessing funds in JNNURM in infrastructure projects.

4. Have you constructed any green project with IGBC or have you taken any rationings from any green rating system?

Many of the CREDAI members have developed green projects in various parts of the country and gained ratings from IGBC, I myself is developing a commercial green complex in Andhra Pradesh, soon the construction will be commenced and we will be applying for the IGBC ratings.

5. What initiatives have you implemented in your state for green and clean environment?

Andhra Pradesh is a state government has always promoted green energy and renewable energy resources. Rain water harvesting is mandatory for every building, we have taken care of lung space area, 20% of the land in AP is covered with green landscapes, solar energy is considered by the people. NRDC a NGO in AP has tie-up with state government and CREDAI for energy conservation in commercial buildings.

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