Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Separate wing of engineers, architects and management committee for managing the affairs and work related to the new rating system


Indian Green Building Council launches is the first and only operating & maintenance (O&M) rating system for existing buildings in India, for the people who wish to opt for green and clean energy in their existing buildings. IGBC aims to facilitate more and more people to opt for green practice; hence they implemented this tool for facilitating more people for joining the green revolution.

The O&M rating system encourages addresses the most important National priorities which include efficient use of energy with water conservation, energy conservation, waste management system, recycling, reduce use of fossil fuels and optimizing renewable energy. The rating depends on the performance of the residential and according to the per cent of energy is saved the points are rewarded.

When asked to Mr. M Anand, Senior Counselor, IGBC, CII-Godrej GBC, explain the rating system he said, “The rating is based on six elements which are considered while inspecting the building will be the site and the avail facilities management of building, water efficiency, energy efficiency, Health & Comfort, innovation. We also provide help to the interested buildings to achieve target, we provide support by facilitating them with a team of engineers and architectures to guide them. This help is known as ‘Soft Help’.”

Further he added, “We have established a separate wing of engineers, architects and management committee for managing the affairs and work related to the new rating system. We also have instruments to inspect the building from interior.”

The new O&M rating system of IGBC is applicable on all types of buildings residential and non-residential buildings including office buildings, IT Parks, BPOs, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, airpots, banks, etc. Building types like factory and schools will be covered under respective IGBC rating programmes.

IGBC O&M rating system encourages people to efficiently use the energy resources use of water in a sustainable manner through reducing, recycling and reusing strategies. By adopting the rating system, buildings can save water and energy to the extent of 15-30%, it also encourages waste management both solid and liquid this reduces the waste generation, which is an another major issue emerging in the country.

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